How to Play


To prevent typhoons from reaching your city (Hong Kong), damaging its stock market.

HSI (HS Index)

This is the health of the stock market (stock price).
It will rise steadily as long as people go to work.
You build new structures at a cost of the stock price
When a typhoon becomes too close to Hong Kong, the stock price goes down sharply too.
When HSI becomes zero, the game is over as the economy of Hong Kong is at stake.


  1. Click icon to select structure (Alternate: use keyboard shortcut)
  2. Click on the map to build


you have
3 types of offensive towers,
2 types of power plants, and
3 types of research structures.

Where to build

Offensive towers must be built on sea, the others on land.
All structures rely on power. you can see the power requirements by pointing your mouse cursor over the build button (when you can build it)


Towers need power to attack.
Power plants generate power quota, towers consume power.
The available power is shown in the top right corner
If power quota is not enough for the towers, there is a power outage and ALL towers will not shoot.
Inside the game, you can see how much power each structure needs by pointing your cursor at the button.

Towers (Built on the sea)

You start with the basic LaserTower. As you build more research structures, new towers are unlocked and existing towers get upgraded.

Laser Tower

Shoots laser at typhoon, disrupting local temperature and reduce typhoon strength.

Freeze Tower

Shoots cold air at typhoon, reducing it movement speed

Repel Tower

Exerts a repel force at 1 typhoon around it. It may push the entire typhoon away (or the other way?) depends on how you place it.

Power Plants (Built on land)

You start with the basic PowerPlant, and you can unlock the nuclear powerplant later.

Power Plant

Generates power that can hold a few LaserTower.

Nuclear Power Plant

Generates more power than the normal one, but it is also much more expensive because it takes less space.

Tech Building (Built on land)

These tech buildings have quite a cost, but having them will unlock all sorts of power for your defense system.

Note: You only need 1 of each tech structure to have their powers. Effects don't stack.


It unlocks the freeze tower, and it upgrades LaserTowers in range and flat damage, and increases cost

Research Center

Unlocks The RepelTower,
further increases LaserTower range, damage and cost,
as well as FreezeTower slowrate, range, damage and cost

Cheung Kong Headquarters

Upgrades Repel tower, increasing range, force, cost. Also doubles HSI increase Rate.